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25 Jun 15

Vision for Europe

Growth Within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe The circular economy would increase European competitiveness, and deliver better outcomes for societyThis is the conclusion of a major new study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, … Continued

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Data Control Difficulty?

Do you use several different software applications? Difficulty controlling data across several software applications? Does your business suffer from several versions of the truth? Do you have several software applications to manage different activities in your business? Can it lead … Continued

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5 Jun 15

The Ocean Clean Up

The Ocean Clean Up The Largest Clean Up In History The Problem About 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year (Jambeck et al., 2015). Part of this accumulates in 5 areas where currents converge: the gyres. At … Continued

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