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31 Jul 14

A Circular Economy for London

Circular Economy Management – London ‘needs 40’ new recycling facilities by 2050 Simplified and consistent waste and recycling collection throughout all London boroughs are needed as well as improved financing for waste infrastructure in order to create a circular economy … Continued

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30 Jul 14

Coca-Cola – A Repurpose for Bottle & Brand

Coca Cola – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose Coca Cola 2nd Lives Coca-Cola is currently rolling out an innovative and environmentally responsible initiative called Coca-Cola 2nd Lives, starting in Vietnam and then expanding across Asia. At the heart of this … Continued

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29 Jul 14

Cloud Technology Unlocked

How Modern Enterprises are Unlocking the Cloud The cloud and platforms are a major priority for businesses, with substantial attention and resources dedicated to a variety of programs. These reports are based on a survey of 200 senior business and IT … Continued

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24 Jul 14

Clean Energy

Science Snapshot: Nuclear Fusion as Clean Energy, Desert Fuels, And Graphene To stay innovative, it helps to stay curious about the trends in science and what may be on the horizon. Recently there has been breakthroughs in Nuclear Fusion energy, Graphene’s … Continued

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23 Jul 14

Deloitte Resources Study 2014

Informed & In Charge Knowledgeable Electricity Customers Seek Greater Choice and More Control of Energy Value Chain The Study provides a number of useful insights into U.S. consumers of energy resources, including three of the most critical questions electric company executives and boards … Continued

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22 Jul 14

Mobile Field Worker Productivity

Mobile Productivity for Plant Engineers Increasingly, power generators are looking for ways to not only improve plant performance, but also reduce their operational and maintenance costs. Advances in mobile technologies hold tremendous possibilities. One of the most comprehensive mobile solutions that … Continued

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